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There is meanness all around us. We can see it on social media, in the news, and in our interactions with people out in the world. How often do we see it and recognize it in ourselves, though? Join us in this message series as we explore how to be less of a meanie and more like God has called us to be.

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Lent was, historically, a time when people were preparing to be baptized and join the church on Easter Sunday. They would give up things that distracted them, so that they could focus wholly on their studies during this time. This is where our idea about “giving something up for Lent” comes from. I think that, really, a lot of us don’t feel like we are “prepared” to be “good enough” Christians. We worry about not praying enough, not reading the Bible enough, not being spiritual enough. And we end up being convinced that we just don’t “do” Christianity the “right” way. Instead of focusing on all our imperfections, this series will prepare us for Easter Sunday and the great loving act that Christ would perform over holy Week by proclaiming God’s love for the imperfect. God meets us in the middle of our mess and we can have our eyes opened to being loved in our messiness. Grace is not neat and tidy and organized… it’s chaotic. And so, this Lent, join us as we look for God’s Chaotic Grace.


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Punctuation is our new series where we will be taking a look at all the “punctuation” moments of life and what we can learn to live through them, grow from them, and be empowered by them. Each week will look at a different punctuation mark and see what they can teach us about our lives for today and the future. We'd love for you to be our guest as we see what can happen when we embrace the punctuation moments in our lives!

Christmas Melodies

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This December, as we enter into Advent and prepare for Christmas, we're going to be taking a look at the music of Christmas.  This season is filled with the songs we sing and Scripture is filled with the songs we read of the Christ child and what his birth means for us, for this world, and for our future. So, please join us for worship throughout December as we prepare to be enveloped in the melodies of Christmas.


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We're starting off a new series for the month of November called "Thanks-giving." How often do we give thanks? What do we give thanks for? Is there more to Thanks-giving than family, football, and food? Join us for worship this month as we take a look at how to be a people of thanks giving. We'd love to have you as a part of our worship because, here at Fredericktown United Methodist Church, YOU are welcome!


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This week, we're starting off a brand new message series called "Either/Or" where we'll be taking a look at the decisions that we make. Because, when everything is boiled down, we are the sum total of all the choices that we make. The decisions of the past have made us who we are today, and the decisions we make today will determine who we will be in the future. Our choices matter. So, join us at Fredericktown UMC through the rest of October as we choose between either and or!

Fredericktown UMC's Neighborhood


We are currently in the midst of a series called Fredericktown UMC's Neighborhood. We're looking at all the ways we need to be actively engaged with our neighbors, looking at just who our neighbors are, and what being a part of their lives looks like. Join us for worship as we begin looking outside the walls of our church to actively engage the communities around us. We'd love for you to be our guest!

Real, Not Perfect

Do you or someone you know feel as if you can't come before God or can't come to church because you "don't have your act together"? Is there something that's happened in your life that is causing you shame and you think that keeps you from God?

We at Fredericktown UMC want you to know that you are accepted "as is." You are welcome here. We are not a church of perfect people. We're real people with real struggles trying to make it through the craziness of life, just like you. So, if you want to come to a place where you can be real, not perfect, join us this Sunday.

Our Celebrations contemporary service starts at 9 AM and our Traditions traditional service starts at 11. Small groups for all ages take place between the services at 10. Come and be our guest because, here, the real YOU is welcome!