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Lent was, historically, a time when people were preparing to be baptized and join the church on Easter Sunday. They would give up things that distracted them, so that they could focus wholly on their studies during this time. This is where our idea about “giving something up for Lent” comes from. I think that, really, a lot of us don’t feel like we are “prepared” to be “good enough” Christians. We worry about not praying enough, not reading the Bible enough, not being spiritual enough. And we end up being convinced that we just don’t “do” Christianity the “right” way. Instead of focusing on all our imperfections, this series will prepare us for Easter Sunday and the great loving act that Christ would perform over holy Week by proclaiming God’s love for the imperfect. God meets us in the middle of our mess and we can have our eyes opened to being loved in our messiness. Grace is not neat and tidy and organized… it’s chaotic. And so, this Lent, join us as we look for God’s Chaotic Grace.