Error Message Large.png

We’re starting a new series in October called "Error Messages." Whenever something wrong happens on your phone or your computer, a lot of times you get an error message that pops up. It tells you that something is wrong. It tells you that something is broken; that something isn’t working and functioning like it should. We don’t always understand what they’re telling us, but at least we have a pretty clear idea that there is something wrong that needs to be fixed.

In our lives, though, it’s not always that obvious. When something goes wrong in our lives, sometimes there’s a big red flag or something to warn us about what’s happening, but a lot of the time the signs that might be trying to tell us that go unnoticed or perhaps even ignored. So, for the next several weeks together, I want to take a look at what some of those warning signs are, these error messages of our emotions and our souls, the error messages that might be hiding in our emotional and spiritual lives and learn God's plan for effectively deterring, detecting, and defeating them.